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Vehicle Maintenance Schedule

Avoid major repairs by keeping up to date with a vehicle maintenance schedule

Have you ever gone to an auto repair shop to have a simple repair done and out of nowhere comes a huge list of what your vehicle needs done for it to be completely fixed? There’s a reason for that. This type of situation normally happens if the garage you take your car or truck to for service hasn’t been doing their job correctly. Chances are they haven’t been keeping up to date with what has been going on with your automobile and now it’s your problem to deal with. Vehicles normally don’t develop a list of things all of a sudden. In fact, they’ll usually start small and eventually grow into multiple into bigger problems over time. By the time you discover the “small”problem, it may already have turned into a “BIG” problem.

For example, if something as simple as an oil leak goes undetected or not repaired, it can saturate the motor mounts and eventually weaken them over time and in some cases and destroy them. The wiring can also get saturated and cause major problems. So now you have an oil leak, motor mounts and wiring that need repair/replacement and these problems can seem “all of a sudden.” However, If you had been told or made aware of it when it first started, there would not be this long list of repairs that need to be addressed. Most people procrastinate on the repairs hoping that they will disappear or go away over time and nothing could be further from the truth. A good auto repair shop is one that takes care of your car while looking out for your checkbook as well. It is important to trust the people that work on your car and look out for it’s durability in the long run. Nowadays, cars last longer than they used to but only if the maintenance is done properly and mostly that has to do with how much often it has been looked at by professionals. Here at The Car People, LLC we strive for excellence and one of the ways we do that is keeping our customers up to date and in the loop about the repairs they need taken care of in the short term to make sure they’ll be driving their vehicles stay durable for the long term.

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