Cooling System Service & Repair in Nashville & Murfreesboro

Overheating is one of the main causes of engine problems. In order to prevent engine overheating, your vehicle has a cooling system that helps to regulate the temperature of the engine. If a cooling system is neglected, you may find yourself dealing with an overheating engine, which can lead to irreversible engine damage and wear. 

At The Car People, we recommend regular cooling system service to ensure that your engine will be properly protected. Servicing your car's cooling system will involve checking the system and replacing any worn-out parts, checking the thermostat and replacing it if necessary, draining the degraded or contaminated coolant and replacing it with new fluid, and refilling the cooling system with an appropriate water/antifreeze mixture.

Symptoms of a Failing Cooling System

Even with regular service, your cooling system can still develop problems. When this happens, you need to ensure that the issue is fixed immediately before it can damage your car further. Some of the symptoms of a faulty cooling system include:

  • Overheating: If your engine is overheating, this could be an indication of a faulty water pump, leaking coolant, or even a worn-out gasket head.
  • Steam: If there is steam coming from beneath the hood, then your car could be overheating.
  • Burnt coolant: If the coolant looks dark and dirty, then it could damage your engine, and therefore, it needs to be replaced immediately.
  • Sludge buildup in the radiator.
  • The temperature gauge has gone lower or higher than normal.
  • The temperature or the coolant light is on.

Why Choose The Car People for all Your Vehicle Cooling System Needs

Of course, there are many auto shops in Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN. However, The Car People stands out for several reasons. For instance, all our mechanics are ASE certified, meaning that they have the necessary experience, knowledge, and skills to fix and maintain your cooling system, irrespective of your car's make or model. We also offer a 24 month or 24,000 miles warranty on qualified repairs, guaranteeing the quality of our work is guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the cooling system is important when it comes to ensuring that your car is operating optimally. If you need cooling system repairs in Nashville or Murfreesboro, TN, bring your vehicle into The Car People today! Give us a call or schedule your next visit using our online appointment form.

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