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The check engine light in your dashboard came on, now what? First tighten your gas cap. If it's not secured it can trigger your check engine light and after driving a while it should turn off. If that doesn't work, you should bring your car into The Car People.

We will quickly diagnose the issue by using the latest in automotive technology. Then our team of professional technicians can communicate the issue to you and exactly what needs to be done. Catching repairs early is the key to keeping your car ride smooth and reliable for as long as you own it.

At The Car People, we understand you might not bring in your car as soon as the check engine light comes on and usually that's ok because it could mean that there is a minor issue and your car is just warning you before it becomes a serious problem. But you won't know for sure until you get that code scanned by a professional mechanic. So let us give you the peace of mind you deserve and experience our quality service for yourself.

Don't have the time to bring your car by today? No problem, call us with questions or schedule an appointment online for either one of our two convenient locations. We are located in Murfreesboro and Dickerson Rd Nashville.

Blinking Check Engine Light Nashville TN

You've ignored your check engine light and now it's blinking. This means that mechanical damage is being done while your engine is running and should be looked at by a professional mechanic immediately. This can be caused by several types of misfires in your engine that can then negatively impact other parts of your vehicle.

While a steady check engine light can mean several things, a blinking check engine light is not to be dismissed. We know how scary a flashing check engine light can be and that's why we'll diagnose the reason quickly and succinctly communicate the issue with you and review all your available options.

Let us be there for you when your vehicle could be performing better. You'll see why we pride ourselves on honesty, quality and convenience. Call, Drive in or schedule an appointment online today!

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