Automotive Repair Financing Options in Nashville & Murfreesboro

As a car owner, you understand that routine maintenance and unpredictable repairs are a part of life. However, this does not necessarily make them less burdensome financially. So, what can you do if your car breaks down when you are not in a position to pay for emergency repairs? 

As an auto shop that has been in the business for many years, this is a concern that we at The Car People fully appreciate. We advise our clients in this instance to take advantage of our flexible financing options to ensure that their cars can still be repaired even if they cannot raise the necessary amount of money immediately. 

The financing options that are available at our shop include:

  • Snap Finance
  • CNFA Finance

Benefits of Auto Repair Financing

There are several benefits that you can expect by paying for an emergency auto repair through financing from Snap Finance or CNFA Finance. Some of the benefits include:

Safer Than Payday Loans

Taking a payday loan may seem enticing when you need to get an emergency auto repair. However, payday loans are not safe all the time. Some of them come with annual interest rates of up to 700%. On the other hand, auto repair financing from Snap Finance or CNFA Finance is much safer, since the interest rates are very similar to those charged by major credit card issuers.

Applies to All Auto Services

When it comes to auto repair financing, lenders do not discriminate based on the service that you need. Therefore, whether you need an emergency windshield replacement or a transmission repair, you can count on them to assist you.

Simple Application and Quick Approval

Applying for auto repair finance is simple. The application is simply done online, and it will only take you a few minutes. The approval rate is about 90 percent, meaning that your application will most likely be approved.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a reliable auto shop offering flexible auto repair financing options, such as Snap Finance and CNFA Finance, The Car People is the answer. Bring your car to our auto shop today for more information about our services and the available financing options.

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