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Routinely scheduling oil changes is, hands down, one of the best ways to keep your car at its peak performance level. At The Car People we will check all fluid levels and critical parts that are subject to wear and tear. This attention to detail makes your oil change an invaluable service and an integral part of avoiding those roadside breakdowns and mornings when your car refuses to start. Check our Specials page for offers on reduced pricing for basic services like oil changes.

Not sure you need an oil change Nashville TN? Then call us, drive on by, or conveniently schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you.

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Your engine has a lot of moving parts. Without motor oil these parts will wear down much faster and not work as well as they should. The metal to metal contact that will occur causes friction and heat which are two of your engine's worst enemies.

Motor oil also keeps your engine clean. As the oil lubricates all the necessary components to your engine it also removes unwanted debris, dust, grime, and metal shavings. These contaminants are then deposited in your oil filter.

Once your oil filter becomes overly saturated with the particles that can harm your engine, it's time for an oil change. There are a variety of oil filters and one solution is not right for every car. That's why when you come to The Car People we personalize every service to our customers' specific needs. We understand that no one looks forward to auto repairs and that's the reason we continually strive to make your auto maintenance experience convenient and hassle free.

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Other factors that influence the cleanliness of your motor oil are environmental conditions, driving during the dry dusty months of summer may increase the frequency for when you need an oil change. A good habit to pick up, is to check your oil everytime you're at the pump. If you have waited a long time for an oil change you may find yourself at the gas station more often than you want to be there.

While you're filling your tank take some time to check the motor oil dipstick. Look for any irregularities, such as bubbles, foaming, or a milkiness to the oil as these could be symptoms of more serious problems. If you're unsure as to what you're looking at, give us call or bring your car on by and we'll take a look giving you the peace of mind our loyal customers have come to expect from our service and customer care. All our services are backed by our 24 Month / 24,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty. Visit one of our two convenient locations in Murfreesboro or Dickerson Rd Nashville and let us take care of all your automotive needs.

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